22nd Annual Autumn Art Auction


Saturday, November 16th, 2019


Social starts at 6:30 pm
Live auction starts at 8 pm
Member tickets: $40 
Non-Member tickets: $50

Tickets will be on sale soon!


Welcome to the twenty-second annual Autumn Art Auction. The Museum originally started the auction in order to build a regional support system for the artists who live in our region. Galleries were few and far between; there wasn’t an established regional market. Thankfully, this has changed in North Dakota, especially in Grand Forks and its surrounding communities. Auctions and sales have become commonplace. Original art is the norm in locally owned restaurants. Young people are filling their homes with art from our own artists.


This Auction set the regional precedent for paying artists before paying ourselves. We never ask artists to donate art—although some do. For the first 17 years of this auction, we allowed artists to set a minimum price, which they were guaranteed to receive. Work that didn’t reach the artist’s minimum was brought in by the Museum and returned. Any amount over the reserve was split 50/50 between the artist and the Museum. Finally, we feel confident that the prices for art have stabilized. The artists and the Museum will split the sales 50/50 in the 2017 Art Auction. Others in the region have adopted our policy of paying artists. Instead of always being asked to donate, artists can expect actual income from auctions sponsored by art entities. And, bless you buyers for not forgetting that this is also a benefit for the Museum. We value your generosity.


Remember, when you buy through the Auction, the price includes framing. Frames are often custom made by the artists or framed by the Museum staff with archival materials. This adds significant value to most artworks, often as much as $400 in the Grand Forks market but considerably more elsewhere. Please note that sales tax is charged on all art that stays in North Dakota. 





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