past exhibitions

Between Space and Time

November 4 - January 1, 2001

Contemporary Norwegian Sculpture and Installation presents Norwegian art that is global in its outlook and ambition, yet Norwegian in attitude. The exhibition includes six mid-career artists whose work ranges from sculpture (the creation of three-dimensional forms) to installation (the ordering and transformation of materials/work to a specific space). A compendium of some of the strongest and most innovative work by Norwegian artists, Between Space and Time is an opportunity for American audiences to broaden their knowledge about contemporary Norwegian art.

Perhaps because of locale, respect for the individual and a fierce sense of independence, Norway is one of more isolated European countries geographically and psychologically. Permeating the work included in Between Space and Time is a deep sense of introspection that borders on the spiritual, concern with time and its passage and the exploration of inner, personal space that draws from sources such as Norwegian folklore, aboriginal cultures or deeply personal vocabularies.

Artists include Per Barclay, Per Inge Bjørlo, Bård Breivik, Bente Stokke, Gunnar Torvund, and Kristin Yterberg. From Gunnar Torvund's spiritual sculptures that draw upon Norwegian and world cultures to Bente Stokke's installations that speak to the passage of time, this show is ultimately about the relationships of humans to their environment, both externally and internally.