past exhibitions

Scandinavian Sensibility

November 4 - January 15, 2001

The work of fifteen contemporary Scandinavian fiber artists exhibiting in A Scandinavian Sensibility range from exquisite tapestries by Swedish-born artist, Helena Hernmarck, recently awarded a medal from the King and Queen of Sweden, to thread paintings by Ulla-Maija Vikman of Finland; felt banners by Kristín Jónsdóttir of Iceland; constructions of paper and wood by Jane Balsgaard of Denmark; vessels of pannelled wood by Kari Lønning, whose family hails from Norway; willow baskets by Markkui Kosonen of Finland and large-scale wall works by Løvaas & Wagle of Norway made from nylon stockings and wool blankets. Just as Norwegian sculpture grew out of its folk traditions, Scandinavian fiber artists look to their own past and their native materials as they create contemporary works of textile art. Driftwood, plantpaper, hedgehog quills, linen, pine cones, feathers, rubber, crab claws, wattle seed pods and nylon stockings are among the raw materials transformed in the exhibition. Baskets, gigantic weavings, and small constructions are united by an all pervasive Nordic sensibility: formal, serene, abstract and always beautiful.

The Scandinavian exhibition was curated by Rhonda Brown and Tom Grotta of Wilton, Connecticut.