past exhibitions


January 24 - February 22, 2004

The photographs in the exhibition were the result of PH15, a workshop that puts cameras in the hands of teenagers from some of the most violent and impoverished barios in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Villa Number 15, so-called "Ciudad Oculta" [Hidden City]. PH15 is a space for creativity and self-expression through photography giving children the opportunity to express their own viewpoints about their surroundings.

Workshop activities aim at enhancing photographic creativity. By learning how to look at and show the different realities in their lives, both individually and in groups, children are taught to explore everything surrounding them and to express their own viewpoint, with a different perspective. Without ever leaving aside artistic quality, the Workshop provides a venue for developing identity that contributes to improving the children's social and cultural conditions. It helps them take ownership in the place where they live, to discover new places and interact with the environment. The children document their every day lives in a quite spontaneous and free way, fully acknowledging the artistic expression of their marginalized identities.