past exhibitions

Judy Jennings

November 20, 2005 - January 9, 2006

Judy Jennings was born in Winnipeg, although she spent twenty years in Ontario as a nurse before returning to her hometown. She gave up the medical field in order to concentrate on glass. According to Jennings, "I began working with glass years ago. I have cut it, leaded it, melted it, fused it, torched it, painted it, and even blown it. Glass is an endlessly fascinating medium that keeps challenging me to learn new ways of using it in my designs."

Working with glass was a seduction that drew her in about sixteen years ago while designing a suncatcher in a night school class. After that one project she was hooked. As inspiration she recalls one of her teachers telling her that working with glass always makes something beautiful, but there still has to be a purpose behind it. To that end she has pursued the study of both historical and contemporary glass and has traveled extensively exploring stained glass, glass painting, kiln fired glass, architectural glass design, mold making, sand casting, sandblasting and relief carving.