past exhibitions

Judy Onofrio
Come One Come All

November 20, 2005 - January 15, 2006

Onofrio's object-filled work constructs a world of fond memories, humor and stories of life and art. Onofrio's work has always been geared towards the recreation of imagined journeys, unattainable adventures and longed-for lands. In the 1990's she began this pursuit of a land of delight. She started creating a stage in which extraordinary things could take place. Heavily influenced by the circus, the Day of the Dead, the snake charmer and the fortune teller's den, Onofrio began to give form and existence to the magically filled land know simply as Come One, Come All - the circus of a childhood imagination, not the smelly, gritty, often tawdry circus of real life.

Onofrio began to add carved figures to her assembled work. The faces of these figures started as portraits, but evolved into masks. The artist has used masks to explore what they hide as well as what they reveal about the inhabitants of a make-believe world. Come One, Come All resonates with exaggeration and extravagance. It glistens with color and embellishes childhood fantasies. Ultimately Judy Onofrio succeeds in creating a sculptural installation that is a cornucopia of joy.

Judy Onofrio
Bye, Bye, Birdie, 2003
Mixed Media