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Marjorie Schlossman and the Roberts Street Chaplet Project

August 1 - September 12, 2006

Six small chapels are springing up amid the peonies and granite sculpture in the garden of the North Dakota Museum of Art. It is the collaborative work of painter Marjorie Schlossman and architects Michael Burns, Joel Davy, Jef Foss, Richard Moorhead in collaboration with his sons Granger and Robert, Julie Rokke, and Philip Stahl.

Over a year ago Schlossman decided to commission local Fargo architects to design small spiritual spaces that would serve as a locus for her art. The North Dakota Museum of Art agreed to help facilitate the project, named after Schlossman’s first chapel on Roberts Street in Fargo. Because these little chapels are designed to be moved around the region, they soon became known as “chaplets.” A second exhibition of paintings, architectural drawings, models and plans will be on display in the mezzanine.

Michael Burns


Joel Davy


Jef Foss


Richard Moorhead


Granger Rokke, Robert Rokke, Julie Rokke


Philip Stahl