past exhibitions

Moment by Moment: Meditations of the Hand

December 10 - February 4, 2007

Quiet and lively, somber and humorous, the works in this exhibition employ elemental materials and concentrated handwork. Drawn, painted, glued, powdered, hammered or cut – one finds multiple experiences of time, space and breath.

Works by:

Alice Attie
Phong Bui
Bonner Cabot
Lorenzo Clayton
Jacob El Hanani
Zipora Fried
Glenn Goldberg
Regina Granne
Marcia Hafif
Barbara Hatfield
Mary Judge
Hee Soo Kim
Jiri Kornatovsky
Barbara Kreft
Tyeakea Miles
Amanda Mumford
Florence Neal
Richard Nonas
Renato Orara
Jacob Robichaux
Andra Samelson
Jasmine Sian
Mary Ting
Monika Weiss
Xu Bing

Curated by Barbara Hatfield and Hanne Tierney