past exhibitions

Artists Celebrating Explorers: Commemorating the Lewis and Clark

February 11 - March 18, 2007

Thirty-nine artists have created artwork based on selected passages of the original journal entries of Lewis and Clark. Exhibition consists of work in paint, sculpture, fiber and ceramics.

Gretchen Bederman
Kimble Bromley
Brent Braniff
Nancy Walter-Brown
Kaye Burian
Dean Colin Fay
Susan Davy
Caroline Doucette
KIm Fink
Jackie McElroy
Colleen Folven
Vicky Haider
Jerrel Holm
Kent Kapplinger
Jeanne Rodgers
Marilyn Knauer
Andrew Knudson
Dan Koeck
Gretchen Kottke
Shelley Lord
Ali LaRock
Michelle LIndblom
Patrick Luber
Mike Marth
Katie McCleery
Jackie McElroy
Susan Haas Morrisey
Jon Olson
Cheryl Olson
Linda A. Olson
Doug Pfliger
Sheila Rieman
Jeanne Rodgers
Wil Shynkaruk
Nelda Schrupp
Gregory A. Vettel
Linda Whitney
Elizabeth Woods
Monte Yellow Bird
Laura Heit Youngbird


Linda Whitney
Na! Huttis (They come), 2003
Colored pencil drawing

23rd of October Tuesday 1804---
     a cloudy morning Some Snow Set out early, pass five Lodges which was Diserted, the fires yet burning we Suppose those were the Indians who robed the 2 french Trappers a fiew days ago   those 2 men are now with us going up with a view to get their property from the Indians thro. us.  cold & cloudy camped on the L. S. of the river.