past exhibitions

Animals: Them and Us

November 5 - January 5, 2009

A multimedia exhibition including work from:

Thomas Allen 
Albert Belleveau
Barton Benes
Deborah Mae Board
Kim Bromley
Thomas Brummett
Cecelia Condit
Don Gahr
Lynn Geesaman
Vance Gellert
Guillermo Hart
Henry Horenstein
Susana Jacobson
Kate Javens
Frank Kelley
Stuart Klipper
Chris Pancoe
Roberta Paul
Ingrid Restemayer
Amy Ross
Tim Schouten
Mary Sprague

The biological definition of animal refers to all members of the kingdom Animalia, including humans who are only one of the nine or ten million species of animals that inhabit planet Earth. In curating the exhibition, Laurel Reuter searched for art from the complicated animal genre that exhibits contrasting and conflicting visions, points-of-view, assumptions, assertions, and historical remembrances of other members of the kingdom Animalia.