past exhibitions

Carlos Runcie Tanaka

February 17 - April 11, 2010

Born in Lima, Peru, and a one-time philosophy major at the Universidad Católica del Peru, Carlos Runcie Tanaka chose instead to dedicate himself to the art of pottery making, undertaking studies in Brazil, Italy and Japan.

Since 1978 he has run a pottery studio in Lima. Carlos Runcie-Tanaka is an artist with superb artistic skills, compelling visual insights, and a profoundly spiritual sense of mystery. Of Peruvian, Japanese and English heritage, his artwork presents contemporary universal symbols of inter-ethnic unity. He has absorbed the lessons of traditional pottery and pioneered an approach that goes beyond obvious or direct references to the traditions of his mixed ancestry. As a result, Tanaka’s works also bring the strands of his identity together with ancient mysteries that have a powerful contemporary resonance.


The exhibition is brought to the North Dakota Museum of Art by the generosity of James Harithas and the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston.