Past Exhibitions

People's Gold

June 19 - October 30, 2012

Important works of art owned by the people of North Dakota.

The work in the exhibition represent the top echelon of People’s Gold, according to Museum Director Laurel Reuter. The exhibition consists of fifty-two artists, all but five are living artists who come from across the United States and Canada, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, South America, France, Mexico, and Wales. In 2012, the Museum will accept over $390,000 worth of art by thirty-nine artists. Recent aquisitions include work by Julian Schnabel, Helen Frankenthaler, James Rosenquist, Robert Motherwell, and more.

Museum’s Statement of Purpose
The Museum shall collect in three areas. (1) Contemporary, national and international art starting with the early 1970s (the founding of the Museum) onwards. (2) The visual history of the region. (3) It shall assemble a survey collection of contemporary Native American art, starting with the early 1970s when the movement emerged. The Museum shall remain open to collections of historical art were they to be offered, in particular in areas which support the exhibition mandate.