Past Exhibitions

The Oakes Twins

August 7 - September 30, 2012

Collaborating since the age of three, the identical twin artists, Ryan and Trevor Oakes, create perspective drawings from nature and architecture using an innovative concave easel, invented as part of their ongoing exploration of human vision and the experience of space and depth. Among their best known drawings are the Getty Museum garden in Los Angeles; the Anish Kapoor's landmark sculpture Cloud Gate in Millennium Park in Chicago—now on display at O'Hare International Airport; Palazzo Strozzi, its courtyard and its people, in Florence, Italy; and the grand hall of the Field Museum in Chicago.

The Twins have developed a remarkable new method for tracing the world before them onto a curved surface, completely freehand and by eye alone. This method has been described, by no less an authority than Columbia University’s perceptual historian Jonathan Crary, as one of the most original breakthroughs in the rendering of visual space since the Renaissance.