Past Exhibitions

James Rosenquist:
An Exhibition Celebrating His 80th Birthday

August 22 - January 21, 2014

The exhibition consists of one painting – Through the Eye of the Needle to the Anvil, an homage to his mother who was an early North Dakota aviation pioneer. The painting measures 17 x 46 feet and once installed, will cover the entire wall of the Museum’s east gallery. Through the Eye of the Needle to the Anvil is the perfect vehicle to explore the artist’s North Dakota roots in aviation and celebrate his 80th birthday. 

James Rosenquist has always maintained a connection to North Dakota. He was born in 1933 at the Deaconess Hospital in Grand Forks to Ruth Hendrickson Rosenquist and Louis Rosenquist. The two met at the Grand Forks International Airport and shared a passion for flying. In his autobiography, Painting Below Zero, Rosenquist states, “Perhaps because the land is so flat—there were no mountains to climb—in North Dakota people wanted to go up in the air. My mom and dad wanted to fly, and they both became pioneering pilots.” Despite not having a pilots license, Rosenquist’s mother took to the skies, while James’ earliest memories involving planes was of his father letting him play in the cockpit of biplanes at the airport. Continue reading...

James Rosenquist
Through the Eye of the Needle to the Anvil, 1988
Oil and acrylic on canvas, with oil on a recessed plywood panel
17' H X 46' W