Past Exhbitions


April 14 - May 26, 2013

Susie Lee grew up in Grand Forks, but left to pursue her MFA. Today she calls Seattle home. Lee is returning for her first North Dakota exhibition titled Split Open. According to Lee, "There is a space between the person that left and the person that returns. The conceptual framework for this exhibition is the action of splitting, the continual cleaving of the past and present. North Dakota now has been thrust in the national spotlight for its oil extraction and imperviousness to the recent economic downturns. Splitting the shale means thousands of people left their homes and families to find good work and a new way of life. Roads crack under the weight of non-stop traffic. Environmentalists and politicians are divided on the stakes. Small towns stretch their resources maximally. And there are profits divvied up. I wonder how longtime residents and new transplants define a sense of place and identity. Split something open, and things will change."



This exhibit is made possible by: Jared Bender • Jim Bisson • Boise Art Museum • Roger Domres • First State Bank • Greenberg Family Consolidated LP • Jim Hanson • Keith’s Lock and Key • Loren Kopseng • Kap Jai Lee • Dan Kuhlman • Yun Jung Lee • Silvia Lee • Jaime and Tricia Lunski • Kirk Nestaval • Norby’s Work Perks • Greg & Susan Opp • Mike Opp • Rodrigo Valenzuela • Walls Medicine Center Inc. •  Driek & Michael Zirinsky • Vaaler Insurance