Past Exhibitions

Fractured: North Dakota’s Oil Boom

August 3 - October 12, 2014

Journey to the prairies of western North Dakota with nationally acclaimed photographer Terry Evans and award-winning journalist and filmmaker Elizabeth Farnsworth to explore the impact of the current oil boom on the Williston Basin region. Most of the oil is obtained by fracking—injecting fluids into the ground to fracture shale oil—and this controversial practice brings welcome prosperity to some, but tragedy to others. Through vivid photography and personal testimony, learn how this drilling process is irrevocably altering prairie habitats and could bring catastrophic global warming even closer; and also hear from the families and communities that benefit from this economic boon, which may help make the United States energy independent. Follow these modern day explorers as they document the loss of a storied landscape to industry, and decide for yourself what the ultimate outcome should be.

This exhibition was developed by The Field Museum, Chicago, in collaboration with Terry Evans and Elizabeth Farnsworth, Fellows of the Center for Art+Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art, June 2013. The North Dakota Museum of Art is touring “Fractured” throughout North Dakota in 2015.

Terry Evans, Oil waste dump between Tioga and New Town, October 2011, Chromogenic print mounted on wood panel, 44" x 44"