Past Exhibitions

Justin Sorensen
Stalking the Snow Leopard

April 3 — May 15, 2016

I started to realize that art wasn’t just located in the studio...I started to see that there was as much significance in the moments when I wasn’t really making anything, or those moments leading up to the art. So that’s become more important to me as I’ve been developing as an artist, just those moments between.
I’m trying to make objects or events that we directly experience as inhabiting a body that is moving through the world . . . that’s basically what life itself is.

I hope that people can walk away from my work feeling a little less alone in the world.

                                                                                                       — Justin Sorensen

This is the third exhibition in the “Art Makers” series underwritten by Dr. William Wosick.

Justin Sorensen, Higher Education, 2015.
performance documentation.