Past Exhibitions

The Museum Collects

September 24 - October 16, 2016
November 1 - November 27, 2016


On display in the Jean Dean Holland Gallery were works from the North Dakota Museum of Art's Permanent Collection.


Artists included:

Lee Bontecour
Terry Evans
Jay Heikes
John Hitchcock
Pat Mehaffy
Alex Webb
Rebecca Norris Webb
Linda Whitney
Anonymous African sculptors


Heikes’ work Niet Voor Kinderen means “not for children,” in Dutch, a fitting title. The artist explores the idea of the exquisite corpse—a surrealist parlor game—through cyanotype, lithography, and screenprinting. His explorations in printmaking led him from lithography to screenprinting and working by hand with asphaltum, a tar-like substance typically applied as a protective coating on etching plates. The resulting prints typify Heikes’ interest in pushing the physical and evocative properties of materials, using them in new and visually powerful ways. According to HighPoint, Heikes has talked about finding a space in his work that is “just beyond corrosion, one of complete alienation between human and material where there are things to be discovered but also the possibility of destruction.”



Jay Heikes, Neit Voor Kindren, 2015. Tryptich of handcolored monographs, each 26 inches wide with varying heights: 87.5, 81.5 and 65.5 inches.
Printed at HighPoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis. Anomyous gift.