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This Week Only

February 5 – 12, 2017


Looking. Looking. Looking. It is essential that we at the North Dakota Museum of Art discover the work of our own artists who haven’t yet crossed our radar. Our audience is interested in what artists they already know are up to. Artists benefit from seeing their own artwork installed in the company of their peers. And the Museum needs to take the temperature of our artistic community, what is happening at this moment in time on the Northern Plains. What trends exist, if any? Which artists might flourish if given a leg up? What is our artistic history now being written? The artist Mary Frank aptly summed it up with the title of her 2015 exhibition, “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.”

We decided to create a big event, walls covered with any-which-art springing from our own place. This is art that might be included in future exhibitions, auctions, and events. Lots and lots of art to brighten up our lives in the deepest of winter. This is the first non-curated exhibition ever mounted by the North Dakota Museum of Art. Please submit, buy, celebrate, expand your visual acuity, or just have fun.