Bradford Hansen-Smith: Circles

Bradford Hansen-Smith is a working artist. He is also a teacher. Wholemovement™ is the process of learning geometry through folding paper circles. Developed by sculptor Bradford Hansen-Smith, this guide for teachers and home-schooling parents shows geometry can be derived from the circle, offering a fun way to introduce children (or adults) to a better understanding of geometry. Children enjoy folding, taping, and coloring the paper plates, while adults can appreciate the deeper discussion of mathematical principles. Of interest to origami and mathematical paperfolding enthusiasts, the paper circle offers a new world of possibilities to people of all ages.

Drawing and making things is how I have always explored and understood the world around me. I made a living as a sculptor for many years before needing to know more about spatial patterns of movement and how they worked. Buckminster Fuller was my introduction to geometry.

—Bradford Hansen-Smith