This Week Only

This Week Only

January 28 – Febuary 4, 2018


Looking. Looking. Looking: Last February the Museum held its first This Week Only show. Imagine a panoply of art from the Red River Valley and surrounding Plains; walls covered with works springing from our own place to brighten up our lives in the dead of winter.

People poured in and lingered over the 106 paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper, and multi-media everything. Once discovered, two artists ended up in the Museum’s Autumn Art Auction. The Museum’s Director made the first buy, a small beaded sculpture, the feminine version of a Bali bird trophy (above). That 2017 non-curated exhibition was the first ever mounted by the North Dakota Museum of Art. The Museum is ready to do it again.

Artists: Please submit, buy, celebrate, and expand your visual acuity, or just have fun. And, for the first time, make some money. We are showcasing the show during the Museum’s Annual Benefit Dinner. Your work will be the highlight of the evening and a benefit for you and the Museum. The Benefit Dinner is the region’s most glittering and festive occasion. People come dressed in Dakota Elegant, which the Museum defines as “wear whatever you please.” Instead of the customary Silent Auction, everything in This Week Only will be offered for sale with proceeds split 50/50 between the artists and the Museum. Artists set their own prices.

Eligibility: If you are a serious artist from North Dakota or able to travel from your home to Grand Forks and back again in one day (the radius of what we are defining as our region, including Southern Manitoba, far into Minnesota, and Northeast South Dakota), you are invited to submit one artwork of your choice to the This Week Only.

Dates: The show officially opens at 2 pm on Sunday, January 28, 2018, and continues for one week, closing on Sunday, February 4.

Delivery of Art: Museum staff will be on hand January 19 – 24 to receive the art during the Museum’s regular hours:
9 – 5 weekdays and 1 – 5 on Saturday and Sunday.

If you ship your entry and include a prepaid return label, or include or call the Museum with you credit card number, we will return to you in your original packing materials and charge your credit card for the cost. Make these arrangements on the Entry Form.

Acceptable Artwork: Two-dimensional works of art cannot be larger than a total of 16 feet. (For example 1 x 7 feet, 2 x 6 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 4 x 4 feet or any size smaller.) If you are submitting three-dimensional or non-wall work, please give us a call so we can discuss special considerations. Sculpture must fit through a regular door (7 x 3 feet). Special equipment needed for display—including sculpture stands, monitors and projectors—must be furnished by the artist. The art must be ready for installation, including proper framing to protect the art. No clips and string, or other devices that will allow the work to slip out of the hanging apparatus, become unhinged, or become damaged. This is an uninsured exhibition so artists must protect their own. The Museum retains the right of refusal for works of questionable condition, and to hang certain works in designated areas.

Entry Form

Entry Fee: Each artist must pay $25 prior to or when the work arrives at the Museum.

People’s Choice Award: All visitors will be invited to vote.

Sale of Art: As noted above, please submit work that can be sold. Remember, artists establish the sale price and split proceeds 50/50 with the Museum. Those who wish to buy before the Museum Dinner may pay an extra 20% and it’s theirs. All buyers may take the work home after the Benefit Dinner or Sunday, the next day.

Return of Art: Works not sold can be picked up during regular Museum hours from February 5 – 10. Work not reclaimed or sold will not be stored at the Museum—if you saw how pressed we are for space you would understand.

This event honors Walter Hopps (1932-2005), one of America’s most beloved and creative curators, whose 1978 Thirty-Six Hours was the first such known exhibition. Francisco Alvarado, who made the jungle installation in the Weeds show, had a work in Thirty Six-Hours. It was purchased by Joseph Hirshhorn (the founder of the Hirshhorn Museum) who Francisco credits with kicking off his artistic career.


Lisa Arnold, Bali Bird, 2017. Bead mosaic, 6.5 x 3.25 x 4 inches deep.
Purchased from 2017 This Week Only exhibition by Laurel Reuter, Museum Director.