Art in Isolation

April - October 7, 2020


We asked that you submit images of what you are doing to be creative in this time of social distancing, and you answered our call. We are honored to receive an outpouring of images coming from around the world. 

So far we've recieved over one-thousand images from hundreds of people. The list below only represents a fraction of the people that have submitted. We'll update the list as fast as we can. 

Please note, the images below do not coorespond to the names on the right. As a part of this experimental exhibition our goal is to create one large piece made up of all of your individual images.

We look forward to our closing reception when we can gather together in groups once again and celebrate. Date to be announced soon.


Community Food Drive

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Tuesday, Wedensday, and Sunday
September 29 - October 7, 2020

During the closing weeks of Art in Isolation, we ask that you bring a non-perishable food item to give to those in need during these unprecedented times..  The Museum will have drop boxes in our entry for your donation. If you are in need, please pick up a donation after viewing the exhibition.  All remaining items will be donated to our local food banks.


Time Lapse Installation part 1

This project is supported in part by a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.
This project is also supported by Arts Midwest, who receive major support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Art in Isolation

Sue Bradbury  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Liam Conlan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Cian Conlan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Michael Conlan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Roxanne Ericks  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Vladislav Krylov  -  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Артем Чернов  -  Engels, Russia

Marie Vetter  -  Stephen, Minnesota

Emma Katka  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Laura Horne  -  New York, New York

Alexander Bayun-Gnutov  -  Saratov, Russia

Liubov Gushchikhina  -  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Sommer Cummings  -  Twin Buttes, North Dakota

Dave Mcfarlane  -  Florida

Paula Sefer  -  Brooklyn, New York

Cate Belleveau  -  Puposky, Minnesota

Chirsti Iverson                      

Kayla Hotvedt                     

Douglas Szklarski                    

Betty Peterson  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Ernest Rost  -  Bismarck, North Daktoa

Robert Jacka              

Lisa Arnold                       

Надин Куликова  -  Saratov, Russia

Kellie Welte  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Alyssa Lindvall  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Ivy Daws  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Rex Ritterman  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Daniel Bakke  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Trinity Whittington  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Adam Nothohm  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Abigail Holter  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Treyson Wagner  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Tate Renfrow  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Jamie Worden  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Sue Grant  -  Brookings, South Dakota

Richard McGurran  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Mitchel Hoffart                       

Joi Roland  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jenni Storz  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Eva Jiménez  -  New York, New York

Treasure Omdahl                     

Margaret Cacci  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Bailey Orr  -  Centennial, Colorado

Alexander Fornes  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Anne Mostad-Jensen  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ives Hilgers  -  Moorhead, Minnesota

Ross Hilgers  -  Moorhead, Minnesota

Susan Pius                

Steve Gunderson  -  Portland, North Dakota

Katie Troutman  -  Williston, North Dakota

Emma Beatrez  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wayne Potratz  -  Minneapolis   Minnesota

Татьяна Мирошкина  -  Saratov, Russia

Captain Thomas Buckard  -  Gainsville, Florida

Laurie Schmitz  -  Minot, North Dakota

Dianne Paulsen  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ellie Knudsvig  -  Buxton, North Dakota

Brian Paulsen  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ana Gash  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Nancy Springer  -  Naples, Florida

Tom Scherer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jennifer Nelson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Louis Dodd  -  Naples, Florida

Mary Bauer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ernest Rost                

Roxanne Rost Erickson  -  Bismarck, Noth Dakota

Evelyn, Perez  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Lura Meisch  -  Chicago, Illinois

Terry Waite  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Vivian Cardoso  -  Cape Coral, Florida

Rosalie Schrijvers  -  Bussum, The Netherlands

Matthijs Schrijvers  -  Bussum, The Netherlands

Joel Erickson                    

Gerri Harris  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Philip Krieg  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Jean Benson  -  Olean, New York

Luke Cole  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Annie Capistrant                 

Koen Soberon                     

Erin Mansfield                  

Amy Lyste              

Sarah Hong  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Arnold Most  -  Estero, Florida

Barbara Caudle  -  Shoreview, Minnesota

Denise Kofkoff                      

Julie Trulson  -  Fargo, North Daktoa

Erin Sedra  -  Grand Forks, North Daktoa

Elisabeth Gregory                     

Riley Stromlund  -  Baudette, Minnesota

Richard Johnson  -  Naples, Florida

Constance Neumiller  -  Warroad, Minnesota

Angela Simonson                  

Kathleen Coulde-King              

Millie Hills                

Mackenzié Spoor  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Brandy Malarkey                   

Holiday Wateland  -  Glyndon, Minnesota

Sue Rankin  -  Larimore, North Dakota

Everly Knipp            

Tom Hadlich  -  Denver, Colorado

Joan Stuart Ross  -  Seattle, Washington

Waldo Malan  -  Naples, Florida

Nate Addictions Tattoo and Piercings  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Beth Prieto  -  Boulder, Colorado

Mary Ann Austin  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Nevaeh Christianson  -  Rugby, North Dakota

M L                     

Stephanie Flyger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Fred Krieger  -  Naples, Florida

Faith Olmstead  -  Dickinson, North Dakota

Oliver Oliver  -  Portland, Maine

Sredna Kunowski  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Aubrey Connolly  -  Colorado

Cassi Pietz  -  Yankton, South Dakota

Lawi Samuel Munyeshure  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Joe Bucherer  -  Naples, Florida

Amy Nickoloff  -  Williston, North Dakota

Paul Eidenschink  -  Dickinson, North Dakota

Joshua Kolbow  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Michelle Thomaier  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Carla Mills  -  Mankato, Minnesota

Josephine Consoli  -  New York, New York

Kai Welf Hoyme  -  Cologne, Germany

Podea Sandu  -  Romania

Jake Dissmore  -  West Fargo, North Dakota

Jenni Belotserkovsky  -  Plainfield, Vermont

Tripti  Dhiwar  - Pune, India

Ferdaws Chamekh  -  Medenine, Tunisia

Kayla  Hotvedt  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Carlos Lorenzana  -  Chicago, Illinois

Ava Niemeier  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Муреева Елена  -  Saratov, Russia

Hannes Egger Bolzano  -  Italy

Joe Bussell  -  Kansas City, Kansas

Erick Tapia  -  Mexico City, Mexico

Nicole  Little              

Richard Nickel  -  Norfolk, Virginia

Lezlie Morris  -  Youngstown, Ohio

Les Lincke  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Rob McKirdie  -  Spokane, Washington

Basha Maryanska                

Lique Schoot  -  Gelderland, Netherlands

Erin Kasper                       

Arne Mostad-Jensen  -  Minnesota

Tom Kelly  -  Columbus, Ohio

James Mabrey  -  Columbia, South Carolina

Kyra Nuemiller                  

José Taborda  -  Lisbon Portugal

Christie Iverson                      

Clancie Pleasants  -  Blanchard, Idaho

Rocio Soncini  -  Vingrau, France

Fred Trease  -  Kansas City, Kansas

Pankaj Labdi  -  Mumbai, India

Armando Melendez                  

Tiffany Patterson  -  Spokane, Washington

Eleanor Davidson  -  Bowling Green, Kentucky

Elizabeth Holmes                      

Crystal Roden  -  Ft. Worth, Texas

Eunice Renee Kuhn  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ashley Jablonski                   

Elis Gjoni              

Cynthia King               

Nina Nenadovi  -  Litija, Sovenia

Maureen Bourbin  -  California

Greg Edmondson  -  Columbia, Illinois

Bob Doster  -  Lancaster, South Carolina

Douglas Tjon  -  West Fargo, North Dakota

Alexander Skalicky  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Jazoo Yang  -  Berlin, Germany

Carolyn Letvin  -  Plainville, Massachusetts

Tristan Stephenson  -  Grant, Nebraska

Ashley Rudin  -   Grand Forks, North Dakota

Kenneth Burris  -  New York, New York

Leonardo Ibáñez  -  Valenzuela                

Alejandra Colosimo                    

Nick Mantlo-Coots            

Morv and Pixie  -  podcast                      

Paulina Jolda  -  Warsaw, Poland

Amy Sue Greenleaf  -  Guilford, Conneticut

Katie  Swartz  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

David Lee Black  -  Wrentham, Massachusetts

Ragga Roberts  -  Brooklyn. New York

John  K P                 

Cory Sellers  -  O'Fallon, Illinois

Eva Branvold                   

Joel Dunn  -  Providence, Rhode Island

Ingrid Lincoln  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Phoebe Brunner  -  Santa Barbara, California

Megan Arnold  -  Manchester. England

Olga Aledander  -  Berkeley, California

Yanive Flores-Richter  -  Jamestown, North Dakota

Charlotte Spitzfaden  -  New Canaan, Conneticut

Herma Deenen  -  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nikola Stojadinović  -  Novi Sad, Serbia

Hannah Harley  -  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ariana Sarwrai  -  Plainview, New York

Atelie Onze  -  Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Amber Rahe  -  Mankato, Minnesota

Shota  Imerlishvili  -  Tbilisi, Georgia

DJ BO, Brian Offenther  -  Shanghai, China

Rebecca Cowan  -  Kingston, Ontario

Julia Woeste  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Ryan Christiansen  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Robin Kahn  -  Spokane, Washington

Roberta Masciarelli  -  Dallas, Texas

Mary Throntveit  -  Crosby, North Dakota

Eva Branvold                   

James Culleton  -  Winnipeg, Canada

Michael Wheatley                   

Tanisha Rodgers                     

Craig Duncan  -  Portland, Oregon

Char Marie Flood  -  Harwood, North Dakota

Julie Olson  -  Arvilla, North Dakota

Kimberly Benson  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gary Phillips  -  Pickens, South Carolina

Shannon Pinkney  -  Columbia, South Carolina

Grace Lynne Haynew  -  Newark, New Jersey

Ellen Xu  -  New York, New York

Biljana Bakaluca  -  China

Michael Berendsen                

Ilia Krysin  -  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Birthe Bo Sakurai  -  Elsingoer, Denmark

Bryan Grose  -  Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Dodie Logue  -  Delano, Minnesota

Omana Katzarska  -  Sofia, Bulgaria

J Burke  -  Charlotte, North Caroina

Denise Kehoe  -  Cambridge, United Kingdom

Kaan Saatci  -  Instanbul, Turkey

Tony Holmquist  -  Durango, Colorado

Ahmet Albayrak  -  Kayseri, Turkey

Beth Diane Bradley  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Sarra  Hochberg  -  Charleston, South Carolina

Ann Dee Westra  -  Moorhead, Minnesota

Arpa Hacopian  -  Armenia

Chantale Noël  -  Belgium

Stephanie Gerner  -  Berlin, Germany

YoYo Lander  -  Los Angeles, California

Jude Legerski  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Kylee Danks  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Melissa Nunez  -  Gainsville, Florida

Kaan Saatci  -  Instbul, Turkey

Julia Chan  -  Toronto, Canada

Jim Conaway                   

Alan Esplin  -  Naples, Florida

Lacuna  -  Berlin, Germany

Martin Zellerhoff  -  Berlin, Germany

Paula  Manga  -  Naples, Florida

Alezandra Grisanti  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Patrik DvoršÄak  -  Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jihye Baek  -  London and UK

Jeremiah Gilbert  -  Lona Linda, California

Emree Weiss  -  Center, North Dakota

Jan Stube  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Nevaeh Christianson  -  Rugby, North Dakota

Monica Nydam  -  Chicago, Illinois

Ben Shannon                    

Mary Ann Castle  -  New York, New York

Annette Cyr  -  San Diego, California

Ferdaws Chamekh  -  Medenine, Tunisia

Ivan Kashlakov  -  Sofia, Bulgaria

B.A. D'Alessandro  -  While Plains, New York

Rafaela Foz  -  São Paulo, Brazil

Taylor Falls  -  Chicago, Ilinois

Shannon Elizabeth Gardner                

Paula Mangan                     

Nathan Cole  -  Toronto, Canada

Rosalie Pierri  -  Toronto, Canada

Laura VonBank  -  Moorhead, Minnesota

Jon M Swenson  -  Minnneapolis, Minnesota

Bernice Fick-Swenson  -  Golden Valley Minnesota

Rochelle Shicoff  -  Monson, Massachusetts

Joana Siquenique  -  Lisboa, Portugal

Jennifer Paulsrud                   

Frezer W                   

Dan Koeck  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Elizabeth Kitchell-Rockstad  -  Ada, Minnesota

Chris Fennell  -  Brooklyn, New York

Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin  -  Long Lake, Minnesota

Jeannine Marchand  -  Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Ulrikka Mokdad  -  Copenhagen, Denmark

William Harbot  -  Minot, North Dakota

Patrick Luber  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Joe Duncan                      

Lee Tal  -  New York, New York

Julie Lindstrom  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lisa Winn  -  Atlanta, Georgia

Claire Chambless  -  Los Angeles, California

Eva Branvold  -  Gilby, North Dakota

Lori Hall Araujo  -  Chicago, Illinois

Leah Sundby  -  East Grand Forks, North Dakota

Sarah Coplan  -  Brooklyn, NY

ChristiAnna Schmidt  -  Beulah, North Dakota

Jessica Rosenkranz  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Robbie Kaye  -  Santa Ynez, California

Sarah Heitkamp  -  Petersburg, North Dakota

Jonathan Campbell  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Joleyn Larson  -  Mandan, North Dakota

Carole Hadlich  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jan Eriksen  -  Theif River Falls, Minnesota

Norah Anderson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ania Gilmore  -  Lexington, Massachusetts

Carlene Muñoz  -  Miami, Florida

Melissa McDougall  -  New Zealand

Tracey J Maroni  -  Attleboro, Massachusetts

Jichan Kim  -  Changon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Eleni Maragkaki  -  Athens, Greece

Uchenna Odukwe  -  London, England

Marcus Farrell  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Helen Lee  -  Chicago, Illinois

Joan Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lillie Waddell  -  Nashville, Tennessee

Jhacie Larson  -  Mandan, North Dakota

Stephanie Olson  -  Theif River Falls, Minnesota

Rabia Abrar  -  Karachi, Pakistan

Mary Sherwood  -  West Sand Lake, New York

Phyllis Daniels  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Michael Ryan  -  Minot, North Dakota

Courtney Davis  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Beverly Benda  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Amy Muiderman  -  Thompson, North Dakota

Barbara Benda Nagle  -  Moorhead, Minnesota

Meagan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Emily Deutz  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Mary Grace Wurtz  -  Rural Thompson, North Dakota

Hyun Jong Ahn  -  Brooklyn, New York

Mark Ries  -  Dickinson, North Dakota

Dorte Bundesen  -  Roskilde, Denmark

Jeremy Dennis  -  Southampton, New York

Bruce Nikle  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Linda Donlin  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Mattie Fischer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lucas Fischer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Eli Fischer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Haiiileen  -  Miami, Florida

Asher Fischer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Igor Zusev  -  Seattle, Washington

Betsy Batstone-Cunningham  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ted Walsh  -  Vineland, New Jersey

Paula Billups  -  Shutesbury, Massachusetts

Russell Taylor  -  Satori Circus, Detroit, Michigan

Lyvia Primeau  -  East Grand Forks, North Dakota

Mason Primeau  -  East Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jude Griebel  -  Brooklyn, New York

Emma Triske  -  East Grand Forks, North Dakota

Ayo Scott               

Lynne Dattler  -  New York, New York

Tatyana Ostapenko  -  Portland, Oregon

Val  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Laura Fransen  -  Makoti, North Dakota

Mona Monrow  -  Alta, Wyoming

Duane Johnson  -  Lone Star, Texas

Gionatan Tecle  -  Los Angeles, California

Andrea Green             

James Gilbert  -  Los Angeles, California

Charlie Green  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Nina Valdera  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Devon Gordon  -  Brooklyn, New York

Kael Lin  -  Sydney, Australia

Anita Chamberlain             

Dr. Neerja Chandra  -  Peters, New Delhi, India

Pranjit Sarma  -  Bangalore, India

Marko Stevens                      

ÇaÄŸlar TahiroÄŸlu  -  Istanbul, Turkey

Janey Stafford  -  New York, New York

Deborah Traer  -  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kristi Swee Kuder            

Alexa Hollywood  -  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jeanette Cole  -  Bedford, Virginia

Alexa Christine Telano  -  Queens, New York

Juan Hinojosa  -  Queens, New York

Synneva and Marit Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jan Waggoner Deschner  -  Billings, Montana

Bob London  -  Bowman, North Dakota

Marnie Blair  -  Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Erin Boake  -  Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Roger Sutcliffe  -  Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Madison Kinney  -  Gering, Nebraska

Manos Dimitrakis  -  Chicago, Illnois

Matthew Collazo  -  New York, New York

Dylan Bauer  -  St.Augustine, Florida

Lila Roundtree  -  Amherst, Massachusetts

Amanda Hotz  -  White Clay, Nebraska

Marti Juhlin  -  Crawford, Nebraska

Barbara J Zipperer  -  Mishicot, Wisconsin

Marissa Strickland  -  Moses Lake, Washington

Alyssa Fulcher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Emma Triske  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Alysha Schutt  -  Milnor, North Dakota

Wojciech WÄ™grzyÅ„ski  -  Trzetrzewina, Poland

Fatima Khalid  -  Karachi, Pakistan

Jennifer Jones  -  Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Kimberly Hogoboom  -  Minot, North Dakota

Serafina Henriksen  -  Sydney, Australia

Tracey J Henriksen  -  Sydney, Australia

Nicole Vanyo  -  Denver, Colorado

Maureen Carrigan                    

Daniel Boyer  -  New York

Eduardo Lopez  -  Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Whorf  -  Eureka, California

Christine Sloan Stoddard  -  Brooklyn, New York

Mariah Masilko  -  South St. Paul, Minnesota

Perci Chester  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jesse Westbrook  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Susan Hensel  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Georgia Pooler  -  Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Merritt                       

Hesu Park  -  South Korea

Aleydis Nissen  -  Belgium

Jason Lockyer  -  Redondo Beach, California

Attri Chetan  -  Risikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Prachi Sahasrabudhe  -  Mumbai , Maharashtra, India

Clinton Millsap  -  Houston, Texas

Laurinda Stockwell  -  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Satu Heikkilä  -  Elimäki, Kouvola

Carlynne Hershberger  -  Ocala, Florida

Sara O'Brien  -  Staten Island, New York

Linda Fischer  -  Loveland, Ohio

Zineb Sjahsam. - Katy, Texas 

Markéta Kotková. -  Prague, Czech Republic 

Guadalupe Hernandez. -  Houston, Texas 

Sasha Silverstein. -  Brooklyn, New York 

Ofer Aloni. -  Tel Aviv, Israel 

Karen I. Hirsch  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Mary Smith  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Anner Charrier  -  Seattle, Washington 

Lisa Link  -  Boston, Massachusetts 

Joseph Amodei Karp  -  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Rachel Gita Karp  -  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Maureen Freedman  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Ellen Hanauer  -  Livingston, New Jersey 

Jessica Larva  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Jasmine Larva  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Bryson Larva  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Saurabh Kumar  -  Ranchi, Jharkhand 

Mahnoor Nasir Kahn  -  North Bellmore, New York, New York 

Yuka Otani  -  Tokyo, Japan 

Andriy Kalkov  -  Ukraine 

Pavlina Vagioni  -  Athens, Greece 

Joyce Ellen Weinstein  -  New York, New York 

Audrey Hamlin  

Karen Poltera  -  Hilton, South Africa 

Hyacinth Paul  -  Dayton, Ohio 

Anna Kerzman  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Marcie Jenkins  

Mr. Rhee Reamy  -  Huntington, Arkansas 

Merav Tzur

Isabella Johannes  

Sandi J Ludescher  -  Sandia Park, New Mexico 

Kyra Coates  -  Longmont, Colorado 

Donna Hapac  -  Chesterton, Indiana 

Sam Heydt  -  Newport, Rhode Island 

Renee Smith

Sílvia Soares Boyer  -  New York, New York 

Bella Ashirova  -  Forest Hills, New York 

Matteo Marziano Graziano  -  Berlin, Germany 

Randi O'Brien  -  Livingston, Montana 

BJ Yost  -  Denver, Colorado 

Célia Da Fonseca  -  Tavira, Algarve 

Jared Ragland  -  Tarpon Springs, Florida 

Alan Montgomery  -  Madison, South Dakota 

Ruthann Godollei  -  St. Paul, Minnesota 

K. Daphnae Koop  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Kyle Voeller  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Amanda,  Voeller  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Emily Voeller  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Brandon Voeller  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Lila Groenewold  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Victoria Perez

Lisa Gizara  -  Santa Monica, California 

Keith Gernert  

Carolyn Tjon Burnstein  -  Ann Arbor, Michigan 

D Leighton Yost  -  Denver, Colorado 

Mya Kassa  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Torin Magnus  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Anne Marble  -  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 

Rhonda Weninger  -  Velva, North Dakota 

Kit Eagal  -  Taylor, Michigan 

Chris Kraft  -  Mandan, North Dakota 

Yue Nakayama  -  Carrizozo, New Mexico 

Holton Capouch  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Yoram Gelman  -  Red Hook, New Jersey 

Jerry H. Slough  -  Ellensburg, Washington 

Judy Laub  -  Bellingham, Washington 

Jordan Halland  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Rozanne Westman  

Mobina Nouri  -  San Franscisco, California 

Caroline Boff  -  Bolton, England, United Kingdom 

Dimosthenis Gallis  -  Athens, Greece 

Laura Holland  -  Amherst, Massachusetts 

Mya Kassa  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Rebecca Rose  -  Davenport, Florida 

Amarjeet Kumar  -  Jaipur, India 

Cole Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Kylie Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Molly Claiborne  -   Nashville, Tenessee 

Rhonda Gates  -  Rockford, Illinois 

Somnath Gayen Kolkata  -  West Bengal, India 

Anya Baranko  -  Richardton, North Dakota 

Sam Fein  -  Boston, Massachusetts 

Nancy Kempf  -  Durham, North Carolina 

Katarzyna Pitek  -  ToruÅ„, Poland 

Molly Joyce  -  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Vanessa Fransen  -  Makoti, North Dakota 

Michael Buxbaum  -  Mesa, Arizona 

Alexandra Buxbaum  -  Mesa, Arizona 

Richard Charlson  -  Carter, Montana 

Jenn Cacciola  -  Stamford, Conneticut 

Jessica Fulcher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

José Taborda  -  Lisbon, Portugal 

Markus Sanders  -  Baltimore, Maryland 

Doug Winter  -  Elk Grove, California 

Kaitlyn Werner  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Nolan Zavoral  -  Fischer, Minnesota 

Mollie Serena  -  New York, New York 

Mark Ries  -  Dickinson, North Dakota 

Ersan Sarikahya  -  Edirne, Turkey 

Gokhan Danacioglu  -  Edirne, Turkey 

Amalie Vestergaard Olsen  -  Oslo, Norway 

Mark Parkinson  -  Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom 

Исакова Алёна Александровна  -  город Лесной, Свердловская область 

Zhi-fang Li  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Annika Gangle  -  Reynolds, North Dakota 

Jonathan Gangle  -  Reynolds, North Dakota 

Kenadi Schryver  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Ana Martins  -  Aveiro, Portugal 

Narendra Kumar Sain  -  Jaipur, India 

Joe Lugara

Mariah Thompson  

Paula Cahill  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Michelle Thelen  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Mya Kassa  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Ebere Agwuncha  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Iphigene Murphy  -  New York, New York 

Bela Fidel  -  Scottsdale, Arizona 

Dolores Poacelli  -  Collingswood, New Jersey 

Brianne Valentino  -  Highland Lakes, New Jersey 

Marcie Clements  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Paula Soto-Maior  -  Denver, Colorado 

Angi Hansen  -  Valley City, North Dakota 

Sydney Nelson  -  Union & Hi Line Square, Valley City, North Dakota 

Sydney Nelson  -  Valley View Neighborhood, Valley City, North Dakota 

Sheena Larson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Yael Kaplan  -  Rishpon, Israel 

Emma Guo  -  New York, New York 

Paula Champagne  -  Somerville, Massachusetts 

Carla Smith  -  Moorhead, Minnesota 

Annie Lattimore  -  Garner, North Carolina 

Mike Eserkaln

Noble Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

JuliAnn Lukach  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Sandi Neiman Lovitz  -  Havertown, Pennsylvania 

Mia Trainer  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Hillel O'Leary  -  Providence, Rhode Island 

Yan Copelli  -  São Paulo, Brazil 

Wiktoria Gawor  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Ashley Larson  -  Longview, Washington 

Erin Rae Isabella  -  Warren, Rhode Island 

Karen Dee Carpenter  -  Los Angeles, California 

Richie Hoagland  -  Lexington, Kentucky 

Vipin Jangir  -  Jaipur, India 

Ersan Sarikahya  

Kristen Anderson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Heidi Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Elizabeth Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Brianna Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Savannah Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Autumn Ritchie  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Núbia Fernamo  -  São Paulo, Brazil 

Joshua Vaughn  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jasneet Singh Bindra  -  Alwar City, Rajasthan, India 

Jeb Gaitner  -  Carmel, India 

Kristi Anderson  -  Valley City, North Dakota 

Jeffrey Cortland Jones  -  Springboro, Ohio 

ChristineOsinski  -  Ridgefield, Connecticut 

Justin Bean  -  Oak Park, Michigan 

Victor Melaragno  -  Lakewood, Ohio 

Karli Anne  

Wendy Tigchelaar  -  Blue Point, New York 

Seren Morey  -  New York, New York 

Cheri White  -  Allyn, Washington 

Ayrian Steiner  -  Oakes, North Dakota 

Epiphany Knedler  -  Greenville, North Carolina 

Janice Mueller  -  Charlotte, North Carolina 

Aislin Lozano

Mei Lam So  -  Iowa City, Iowa 

Marie Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Freya Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Linda Myers  -  Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 

Aksel Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Dora Dalmi  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Gina Wolfrum  -  Hicksville, Ohio 

Margaret Mousseau  -  Middlebury, Vermont 

Maddie Meier             

Carson Meier             

Gene Grabiner                     

Bela Fidel  -  Arizona

Ali Ansari             

John Risseeuw  -  Temp, Arizona

Emiliano D'Amato Mateo  -  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chanit Roston  -  New York, New York

Edwin Degges  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Lynton Magnus  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Monica Birdbear  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Amber Carr Wallace  -  Durham, North Carolina

Jacob Records  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

BJ Land  -  Fallbrook, California

Taylor Stauss             

Savanah Pennell  -  Scottsdale, Arizona

Andrea Marshall                     

Meah Marshall                     

Sherifa Marafi  -  Kuwait

Mohammad Hussain  -  Kuwait

Nasser Hussain  -  Kuwait

Marcia Cooper  -  Newton, Massachusetts

Henry Green  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Daniel Kathalynas  -  Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sophie Knight  -  London, United Kingdom

Donovan Widmer  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Gary Burnley                      

Francis Roller             

Anonymous Hieronymus  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Rochelle Redfield  -  Red Hook, New York

Matteo Marziano Meyer  -  Edwardsville, Illinois

Lisa Bartell  -  Durham, North Carolina

Andrea Martens  -  Durango, CO and Roanoke, VA

William Haberman  -  Sweden

Gunnar Theel  -  New York, New York

Rachel Morrissey  -  Holobrook, Massachusetts

Madeleine Matsson  -  Brooklyn, New York

Kristen Peterson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Caroline Hawkins  -  Indianapolis, Indiana

Allen Morris  -  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lili Esparza  -  Avon, Indiana

Clif Sundt  -  Williston, North Dakota

Andrew Trusler  -  Carnation, Washington

Alexis Varvel  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Philippe Sauvie  -  Portland, Oregon

Sher Dunshee-Menton  -  Fountain Hills, Arizona

Jeff Damasiewicz  -  Cosmopolis, Washington

Refah Reghabi  -  Montreal, Canada

Kassandra Eller  -  Ellensburg, Washington

Andrew Helfenberger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Andrew Binkley  -  Honolulu, Hawaii

Emma  Klindworth  -  Beulah, North Dakota

Haylee Keller  -  Chicago, Illinois

Lucretia Torva  -  Phoenix, Arizona

Helena Tiainen  -  Berkely, California

Polina  Po  -  St. Petersburg Russia

Métura Bruno  -  Saint Claude, Guadeloupe

Lori Slavin  -  Newton, Massachusetts

Anshu Kumari  -  Tatanagar, Jharkhand, India

Mila Miskavige  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Willow Stevenson  -  Asheville, North Carolina

Erin Brittle  -  Yelm, Washington

Anna Oparina  -  St. Petersburg Russia

Jessica Fulcher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Anita Cohen             

Claudia Hollister  -  Portland, Oregon

Tina Whiteside  -  San Jose, California

Justine Helgren  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Luke Whittaker  -  Providence, Rhode Island

Frieda Larson  -  Crookston, Minnesota

Derrick Kearney                      

Raquel Mellgaard  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Derek  S. Coller  -  Seattle, Washington

Andersen Woof  -  Baltimore, Maryland

Rebecca Barra  -  Denver, Colorado

Brenda Baumer  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Avery Nubson  -  Burnsville, Minnesota

Yolande Heijnen  -  New York, New York

Jill Arwen  -  Posadas, Manila Philippines

Emsley Panico  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Allison Baker  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lisa Jungmin Lee  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Madhavi Parekh  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Ajit Parekh  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Priyak Dutta  -  Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

Fazarroma Agungwibisono                      

Ankit Kumar  -  Haryana

Noble Gauss  -  East Grand Forks, North Dakota

Monique van Steen  -  Barcelona, Spain

Anshika Gulati  -  Panipat, Haryana

Alyssa Hinton  -  Burlington, North Carolina

Larysa  Martyniuk  -  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mandy Howe  -  Newport, Rhode Island

Bailey Cowling  -  Lincoln, Nebraska

Camryn Roadley  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Melissa Smallridge  -  Ontario, Canada

Zoe Dirks  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Alexander Brown  -  Chesapeake, Virginia

Michaela Beavers  -  Blackwater, Arizona

Priya Chimote  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Tiange Li  -  Providence, Rhode Island

Onalee Shogren  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Caroline Bowen  -  Bronx, New York

Isabella Falen  -  Glen Burnie, Maryland

Mary Ann Muhonen  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Caleb Zerr  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Jill Miller  -  Monroe, Michigan

Amanda Blaess  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Kaitlyn Stephan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Asher Wellumson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Naomi Wellumson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Annalise Wellumson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Elijah Wellumson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Eva Branvold  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Melanie Furtado. -  Paris, France

Kathleen Beausoleil  -  Fair Haven, New Jersey

Katie B Temple  -  Omaha, Nebraska  

Margot Szipszky  -  Chicago, Illinois

Benjamin Reyes  -  Fargo, North Dakota

Dominic Sansone  -  St. Charles, Illinois

Morgan Robinson  -  Dayton, Ohio

Kevin Lenkner  -  Silver City, New Mexico

BlackSun HighDesert  -  Silver City, New Mexico

Myka Esken  -  Pataskala, Ohio

Madisen Shawver  -  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Kayla McLean  -  Indianapolis, Indiana

Ally Murphy  -  Eagan, Minnesota

Nicholas Thompson  -  Ottawa, Ontario

Marti Whitehead  -  Gainseville, Virginia

Alayna Panico  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Reagan Purcell  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jack Matson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Katie Virag  -  Buffalo, New York 

Helen  and John Tindley 

Bita Moradkhani  -  Richmond Hill, Canada 

Brianna Walker  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Veronica Corey  -  Glenburn, North Dakota 

Jason Rippel  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Taylor  McCorkle  -  Madison, Wisconsin 

Alyssa Tauber  -  Windsor Heights, Iowa 

Nana Masyuk  -  Saratov 

Gianina Urmeneta  -  Ottiker, Belgium 

Nika Chernyaeva  -  Moscow, Russia 

Mary Tubb  -  Blaxland, Australia 

Rainey St. Laurent  -  Richmond, Texaa 

Ashok  Bhowmik  -  Santiniketan, India 

Barbara Hatfield  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Alex Lasikov  -  Saratov, Russia 

Bridget Modema  -  Pretoria, South Africa 

Marek Adam Olszynski  -  Przeworsk, Poland 

Abhishek  Kumar 

Amy Flom. -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Naomi Kaly  -  Taipei, Taiwan

Junko Suzuki  -  Tokyo,  Japan 

Elaine Foster-Gandey  -  Kent, United Kingdom

Andrey Golubtsov  -  Saratov, Russia 

Aleksandra Łysiak  -  Rzeszów, Poland 

Vanessa  Rae  -  Chicago, Ilinois

Corey Pane  -  West Hartford, Connecticut 

Gabriella Kroger  -  Peru, Maine 

Eva Camacho-Sanchez  -  Northampton, Massachusetts 

Casey John                                                                         

Nayana Kaly-Dvir  -  Taipei, Taiwan  

Marcelo Brodsky. -  Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Annette Abundantia  -  Denmark 

Makenna Nash  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Pawel Pacholec  -  Gdynia, Poland

Auil Virani  -  Toronto, Canada 

Freida Larson  -  Crookston, Minnesota 

Sheldon Greenberg  -  Oakland, California 

Deanna Rose  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Tiange Li  -  Providence, Rhode Island 

Jackie Williams  -  Kernville, California 

Aine E Nakamura  -  Tokyo, Japan 

Mary Gibbons  -  Bradford, United Kingdom 

Tina Esken  -  Pataskala, Ohio 

Lily Miller  -  Blacksburg, Virginia 

Chloe Pinero  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Kristina Adams  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Christopher Kanyusik  -  Helper, Utah 

Pirjo Berg  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Thomas Pickarski  -  New York  City, New York

Jackson Strome  -  Fair Haven, New Jersey 

Grace  Klein  -  Robbenhaar 

Charles Boevers  -  Champlin, Minnesota 

Beth Solin  -  Fair Haven, New Jersey 

Cassandra Tweed  -  Rochester, Minnesotaa

Victoria  Perez                                                                                     

Delfina Ameijeiras  -  Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Abby Cooper  -  Avon, Indiana 

Janet Plante  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Melissa Gawarecki  -  Minnetonka, Minnesota 

Sydney Bolstad  -  Minot, North Dakota  

Leyda Melgar  -  Indianapolis, Indiana 

Candice Housden  -  Luray, Virginia 

Reilly Swennes  -  Raleigh, North Carolina 

Yan Colelli  -  São Paulo, Brazil 

Milo Bowles  -  Roanoke, Virginia 

Lynnette K. Black  -  St. Paul, Minnesota 

Selden Frissell  -  Savannah,  Georgia 

Genny Moulton  -  Embudo, New Mexico

Parker Gaughan  -  DurangoColorado 

Ruozhu Tang  -  New York CityNew York 

Sadie Gilbraith  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Erika Tinjum  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Noah Lindenthal                                                                  

Eme Watson  -  Indianapolis, Indiana 

Tanner Tange                                                                         

Beatrice Barba  -  Potenza, Italy

Rebeca Flis  -  SchenectadyNew York

Simona Ugliano  -  Potenza, Italy             

Valerie Rodriguez  -  Queens, New York 

Audrey Marineau  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Payton Cole  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Kaia Lunde  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Caey Fanelli  -  Princeton Junction, New Jersey 

Robert Friedman  -  West Chester,  Pennsylvania 

Sara Revoir  -  Duluth, Minnesota 

Eva Mueller  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Jeanne Fanelli  -  Princeton Junction, New Jersey 

Mackayla Schuelke  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Makayla Hughes  -  New York City, New York

Marley Kaul  -  Beltrami, Minnesota 

Genesis Sanabria  -  San German, Puerto Rico 

Yi-Hsuan  Lai  -  New York City, New York

Laura Shabott  -  Provincetown, Massachusetts 

Evan Siegel  -  Denver, Colorado

Becky Doyon  -  Winslow, Maine 

Maru Garcia  -  Los Angeles, California 

Eason Bragg  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Sarah Gieseking  -  Greenwood, Indiana

Sophie McDowell. -  Staunton, Virginia 

Suzanne Gonsalez-Smith  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Elena Adasheva  -  New York City, New York

Samantha Talbot-Kelly  -  Montpelier, Vermont 

Douglas  Dale  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Barbara Hatfield  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Leslie Pierce  -  San Diego, California 

Ezra Brenner  -  Batesville, Indiana 

Jasmine Larva  -  Chicago, Illinois

Alex Cloyd  -  Omaha, Nebraska

Benjamin Swenson  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Andrew Stark. -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Leslie Volle  -  New York City, New York 

Mollie  Douthit  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Lorena Tobar  -  Roanoke, Virginia 

Katarzyna Lukasieiwicz  -  Warsaw, Poland 

Ian Cole-Carlo. -  Fort Myers, Florida 

Karina  Constable  -  Apex, North Carolina 

Leah Friedman  -  Mays Landing, New Jersey             

Dillon Tollefson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Roberta Paul  -  Newtonville, Massachusetts 

Yuki Coyle  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Wesley Smith  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Emma Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Micha Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Laura Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Maria  Brien  -  Belcourt, North Dakota 

Madison Fossum  -  Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota

Andrea Mosely  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Maria Wilson  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Susan Goudy                                                                         

Olathe Antonio  -  Durango, Colorado 

Maximiliano Ink  -  Buenos AiresArgentina

Destiny Stanton. -  Minot, North Dakota 

Aleksandra Piatkowska  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Susan Detroy  -  Eugene, Oregon

Susan  Marie Carlo  -  Fort Myers, Florida

Lolly Owens  -  Bradenton, Florida 

Tony Holmquist  -  Durango, Colorado 

Kyle Fokken  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Cassandra Colin  -  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Osamu Shibuya  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Madison Hemenway  -  Tulsa,   Oklahoma 

Trina Drotar  -  Sacramento,    California 

Arianna Bray  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jessica DeCoteau  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota

Lauren Starling  -  West Fargo, North Dakota 

Iwona Piatkowska  -  West Chester,  Pennsylvania 

Susan Goudy  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Alex Light  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Kristin  Cassidy  -  St. Louis, Missouri 

Kami Jurenka  -  Sacramento, California 

Fancisco Alvarado   -  Tegucigalpa, Honduras 

Tony Pachick  -  Andrews, Maryland 

Laurel Clark  -  Springfield, Missouri 

Kunyi Lin  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Zeal Tuinder  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Antonio Mirabal  -  New York City, New York

Rachel Selle  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Kathleen Dixon  -  Belcourt, North Dakota 

Maria Dimanshtein  -  Queens, New York 

Synneva Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

MacKenzie Campbell  -  Durango, Colorado 

Kim Truesdale  -  Athens, Georgia 

Rachel Watson  -  Athens, Georgia 

Sylvan  Bald  -  Placerville, Colorado 

Vance Gellert  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Liz Penniman  -  Reno, Nevada 

Samer  Ridikkuluz  -  New York City, New York 

Brett Peterson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Makayla Streets  -  Indianapolis, Indiana 

Chloey Turner  -  Watseka, Illinois 

Claire Abar. -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Synneva  Seeger  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Motoko Yasue  -  Huston, Texas 

Mattie Fisher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Lucas Fisher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Asher  Fisher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Elijah Fisher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jessica Carlock  -  PortlandOregon 

Rani Young  -  Chicago, Illinois 

Nitashia Johnson  -  Dallas, Texas 

Willoughby  Hasting  -  Boston, Massachusetts 

MB Taylor  -  New York City, New York 

Emily  Lindskoog  -  ChicagoIllinois 

Haley Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jessica Johnson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Vivien  Bakowski  -  DurangoColorado 

Kathy  Buckard  -  Key West,  Florida 

Tamara  Breon  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Axel Phillips  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jon Gangle  -  Reynold, North Dakota 

Annika Gangle  -  Reynold, North Dakota 

Amanda Richardson  -  Honaker, Virginia 

Alyssa  Sellers  -  Noblesville, Indiana 

Machiko  Agano  -  Otsu, Japan 

Santanah Gerhart  -  Mandan, North Dakota 

Isabella Kiefat  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Christian Kiefat  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Laura  Powell  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Sandra Cofell  -  Bismarck, North Dakota 

Grace  Robinson  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Kimble Bromley  -  Pelican Rapids, Minnesota 

Dayna  Duncan  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Vasile Ghiuta  -  Toronto, Canada                                                 

Somnath Gayen  -  West Dengal, India 

Tatjana Chimes  -  Cologne, Germany 

Doreen  Connors  -  Sterling, Massachusetts 

Deb Bosch  -  Mandan, North Dakota 

Mackenzie Reinhardt  -  HazenNorth Dakota 

Malissa Kuznicki  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Joan Ross  -  Seattle, Washington 

John Gleason  -  Seattle Washington 

Nicholas Anton  -  Nashville, Tennessee 

Joi Roland  -  Thompson, North Dakota 

Linda Hanse  -  St. Paul,  Minnesota 

Paul Gronhovd  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Sungyee  Joh  -  Grand ForksNorth Dakota 

Richard Nickel  -  Norfolk, Virginia 

Sadie Gilbraith  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Gianella Goan  -  Memphis, Tennessee 

Kellyann Burns  -  Los Angeles, California 

Sarah Schneiderman  -  Glastonbury, Connecticut 

Jamis Rose                                                                         

Amy Rohlk  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Ed Rohlk  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Mike Hazard                                                                          

Célia Da Fonseca  -  Tavira, Portugal 

Kenadi Schryver  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Bela Fidel  -  Scottsdale, Arizona 

Kylee Williams  -  Indianapolis, Indiana 

James Walker  -  Tavira, Portugal 

Arielle Stein  -  Brooklyn, New York 

Heath Olafson  -  Edinburg, North Dakota 

Hope Holmes  -  Southmont, North Carolina 

Diane Morgan  -  Indian Wells,    California                                     

Jens Mohr  -  Bonn, Germany 

Caro Ramonde  -  Meriden, Connecticut 

Bailey Ferguson  -  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey  -  Altadena, California 

Jessica Fulcher  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Annika Gangle. -  Reynolds, North Dakota 

Jon Gangle  -  Reynolds, North Dakota 

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau  -  Paris, France 

Lacey Rohrich  -  West Fargo, North Dakota 

Åsil Bøthun  -  Fyllingsdalen, Norway 

Maria Thompson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Alexandra Buxbaum  -  Mesa,   Arizona 

Jesse Westbrook  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Meghan Wagner  -  De Pere, Wisconsin 

Igor Zert  -  Tel Aviv, Israel

Simone Dahlberg  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Meghan Duda  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Maura McHugh 

Brett Lysne  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Kylie Johnson  -  East Grand Forks, Minnesota 

Ava Dupree  -  Mavel, North Dakota

Mary Throntveit  -  Crosby, North Dakota                                     

Ann-Marie Stillion  -  Seattle, Washington 

Emelie Liljebäck. -  Stockholm, Sweden 

Nitiksha Dawar  -  Delhi, India 

Arvind Sharma  -  KarnalIndia 

Greg Vettel  -  Thompson, North Dakota 

Arhi  Obisakin                                                                                     

Kathleen Granados  -  New York City, New York 

Amy Mitten  -  Cleveland Heights,       Ohio 

Anjali Sharma  -  Noida, India 

Dyan Rey  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Marjorie Thompson  -  Oneonta, New York 

Sarah Bowser  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Chiara Gomiselli  -  Trieste Italy 

Megan Hanson  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Karston Kellar                                                                                     

Anna-Sophia Vukovich  -  New York City, New York 

Denise Bergner  -  Sun City WestArizona 

Priscilla Schott  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jordyn Heck  -  Bismarck, North Dakota 

Misty Sol  -  Philadelphia,    Pennsylvania 

Ras Silas Motse  -  Gauteng, South Africa 

Fareha Ghaffar  -  Faisalabad,       Pakistan 

Mahavir Wadhwana  -  Gujarat,            India 

Alexander Rothfuss  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Lillian Rea Reinarts  -  Jamestown, North Dakota

Preya Bhagat  -  Ghaziabad, India                                        

Kathleen Ness  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Emma Guo  -  New York City, New York 

Diana Zipeto  -  Lowell, Massachusetts 

Ian Burnley  -  New York City, New York 

Ben Marthaller                                                                                     

FS Karachiwala 

Steve Bennett  -  Cambrigde, Massachusetts 

Vicki Paret  -  Cambrigde, Massachusetts 

Sadie Irelan  -  Bismarck, North Dakota

Grace Marguez  -  Toronto, Canada 

Paul Noot  -  Bismarck, North Dakota 

Janna Kruckenberg  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Callie  Stonecipher  -  Bismarck, North Dakota 

Dyan Rey  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Davell Lysne  -  Thompson, North Dakota 

Sylwia Tur  -  Seattle, Washington 

Isabel Hoffarth  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Jayde Gecker  -  Dickinson, North Dakota 

D'Artagnan Hecker  -  Dickinson, North Dakota

Diane Lachman  -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Bobby  Perez  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Laura  Slaathaug  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Leslie  Atkins  -  Seattle, Washington 

Susan  Gibbons  -  Denver, Colorado 

Annika Shimek                                                                         

Ava Shimek                                                                         

Autum Shimek                                                                         

Kirsten Zeller  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Toby Zikmund                                                                                     

Colleen Baran  -  Surrey, Canada 

Erica Harris  -  Toronto, Canada 

Kai Turner  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Tanya Lee  -  Cambridge, Massachusetts             

Vanessa Vaiphei  -  Chicago, Illinois

Doug Winter  -  Elk Grove,  California 

Scarlett Schott  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Xavier  Schott. -  Grand ForksNorth Dakota 

Tobias Schott  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Candice  Brennan 

Susan Goudy  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Beth Younger  -  Richmond, Virginia 

Allison Zito  -  Claremont, New Hampshire

Mary Ker  -  Tucson, Arizonaa

Zoie Ratliff

Nancy Walter  -  Minot, North Dakota 

Ana Johnson-Moore 

Teressa Valla. -  New York City, New York 

W. Scott Olsen  -  Moorhead,       Minnesota 

M. Burgess  -  New York City, New York 

Jane Schoenfeld  -  Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Annette Abundantia  -  Copenhagen, Denmark

Sydney Valiquet  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Sarthak Kaushik  -  Fargo, North Dakota 

Laura Powell                                                                         

Mila Miskavige  -  Grand Forks, North Dakota 

Caro Ramonde  -  New York City, New York 

Lynnette Black  -  St. Paul, Minnesota

Ritu Kwatra

Antonia Lindsey  -  France 

Jessi Schmit  -  Fargo, North Dakota