Staff Picks 2020

Staff Favorites:
Selections from the Museum's Permanent Collection


Armando Ramos
Albert Belleveau
Elias Sime
Barton Lidice Benes
Craig Langager
Greg Blair
Arnold Saper
Constanza RES
Ross Rolshoven
Guillermo Srodek-Hart
Kiki Smith
Aganetha Dyck
Robert Peluce
William T. Wiley
Bartosz Beda

left to right
William T. Wiley, "Coast Reserve", 1972. Lithograph on chamois, 32 x 78 inches.
Armando Ramos, "Bones", 2013. Clay, wood, and metal cart, 40 x 34 x 27 inches.
Kiki Smith, "Mu Blue Lake", 1995. Photogravure and lithograph, 43.5 x 45.75 inches.


left to right
Arnold Saper, "Seventy Nine and One Half", 2000. Graphite on paper, 30 x 21.75 inches. 
Craig Langager, "Propaganda Blotter: After 'Monogram'", 1991. Wood, felt, ink, urethane, paper, 46 x 54 x 23 inches.
Barton Lidice Benes, "Ibis", 1986. Bronze coat hanger with title card, 9 x 16 inches.
Bartosz Beda, "Re-creation IV", 2016. Oil on paper, 12 x 16.5 inches.