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Georgie Papageorge

Georgie Papageorge, born in Simonstown, South Africa, was educated at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. For years Papageorge has explored the idea of social and geological rift in Africa through the symbol of a mutating barrier concept. These concepts utilizing a Judaic/Christian cross symbolism plus a red and white chevroned banner/barrier in varying African environments, explore sacrifice and transcendence. Internalizing her search, she looks at the conflict between the physical body and the immortal soul.

Georgie Papageorge, Barrier Fence Painting #2, 1989, graphite, photographs, pastels, 27 1/2 in x 39 in


Georgie Papageorge, Barrier, 1988-89, oil paint, oil stick, emulsion, silk screen on canvas, wood, black and white photo background mural, 300 cm  x 300 cm  x 28 cm


Georgie Papageorge, Suspension, 1989-90, steel, mahogany, cow hide, acrylic, elephant bone, gold leaf, African woods, badger fur, 16.2 ft x 34.68 ft x 2 ft


Georgie Papageorge, Traditional Weapons, The Chi-Rho II, 1993, Emulsion, pil stick, burnt canvas, plywood, gold leaf, sand, cow hide, metal, wood spears, 200 cm  x 200 cm 


Georgie Papageorge, Traditional Weapons, The Chi-Rho III, 1993, emulsions, oil stick, plywood, gold leaf, collagen skins, rusted tins, mahogany, color photos, 200 cm  x 200 cm 


Georgie Papageorge. African Rifting-Lines of Fiber, Namibia/Brazil, 2001, graphite, and paint on Fabriano paper, 31 in x 21 in