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Luis Gonzalez Palma

Luis Gonzalez Palma is a Guatemalan photographer who works to capture the essence of the Mayan people and their culture, by portraying them in mythological costumes that bring to life elements of traditional Mayan rites and rituals. The quite images Gonzalez Palma captures pierce the viewer with large, white eyes. The viewer cannot help but become fixed on and mesmerized by the person in the photograph, who traditionally would not make eye contact with the viewer. This eye-to-eye contact between the viewer and the person captured in the photograph bring honor and dignity to all of the Mayan people who have suffered violence and racism by the hands of the Guatemalan Government.

Gonzalez Palma was born in 1957 in Guatemala. He currently lives and works in Guatemala City. He Studied architecture and cinematography at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. His work is now on display at the North Dakota Museum of Art as part of The Disappeared exhibition.

Luis Gonzalez Palma, Aussencias (Absences), 1997, photographs, painting, collage, 25 1/2 in x 63 in


Luis Gonzalez Palma, Entre Raices Aire, 1997, photographs, painting, collage