Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp is a time for imaginations to run wild. Campers will have the time of their lives creating art and working alongside professional artists. Each week brings a different artist with new themes and projects.


Registration Process

Registration is ONLINE ONLY and
begins on Wednesday, June 16 at 9 am.

The registration button will take you to You may wish to register with Active prior to camps opening. Camps will open through Active on Wednesday, June 16 at 9 am - you will not be able to see camps on Active until then.




Important Information

Camp Location: Hughes Fine Arts Center, Room 111
Drop Off Time: 8:45 - 9:00 am
Pick Up Time: 3:00 - 3:15 pm

Parking is located in the Hughes Fine Arts Center lot

Lunches and Snacks:
Each camper must bring their own lunch.
Please note, there is no access to refrigeration or heating appliances. Campers cannot be allowed to use vending machines. Snacks will be provided by the Museum once a day, e.g. juice box and serving size bag of chips.

We appreciate that some parents offer to supply snacks for the day. If you wish to do so, please let us know a day in advance.

Suggestions to Pack:
Ask your camper(s) to wear appropriate clothes that can get stained. After all, this is an art making camp and we’ll be getting messy.

Each camper is assigned a locker. You may wish to consider packing a sweater or light jacket (air conditioning in the building can get really cool), comfortable shoes for standing, walking, and playing outside, hat or sunglasses, and sunscreen. Please mark all items. Leftover items are donated at the end of each camp.

On Fridays at 2:00 pm the campers design and hold a brief reception and art show for parents, friends, and family. Park in the same area that you drop them off in the morning. The campers are proud of their week’s work. We encourage you to show your support by attending the reception. This is also a time for you to meet the teaching artist, Museum staff, and all the other campers and families that make camps possible. Please prepare to take home the artwork at 3:00 pm, after the reception. You will want to bring your camera.



Household memberships are $75 a year, which allow families to receive Museum member rates to Summer Art Camps and other Museum benefits as well. Become a member before you register.

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Sponsor a Child


If you are interested in sponsoring a child in the way of a full or partial scholarship, please contact Matthew Anderson at or 701.777.3599. Sponsors will be noted in Museum education publications. Donations are tax-deductible.



Scholarships are limited, early applications are encouraged. To apply, please send a brief email explaining your need to Matthew Anderson at

Scholarships are partial and require some financial participation from the family.

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2021 Camp Sponsors



Art Wise
Luise Beringer
Bruggraf's Ace Hardware, Grand Forks
GF Parks District - Ulland Grant
Sherwin Williams
UND Department of Art and Design
UND Summer Events Council



2021 Summer Art Camps



Camp 1


"Messy Art"
9:00 - 11:00 am
Ages 3 to 6, with Guardian
July 6 - 9

Members $50
Non-members $60



Join us exploring different ways to make an artistic mess. Be ready to paint with cars, toothpaste, hands, feet, etc. We will have fun and create art as unstructured as we can. Come ready to get dirty.


Ligia Feo Carina de Drago is from Argentina. In her country, she worked as a music teacher and violist. In 2008, she moved to Grand Forks with her family where she earned a BA in Music Performance and a MS in Special Education. Currently, she directs a violin and viola studio at Arioso Music Academy and plays in the Great Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra.


Camp 2


"Science and Art"
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
July 6 - 9

Members $75
Non-members $85



Explore the relationship between art and science. Colorful experiments, math in art, make pigment from flowers, sound-wave portraits, etc. Expand your creativity and your imagination! 



Ligia Feo Carina de Drago is from Argentina. In her country, she worked as a music teacher and violist. In 2008, she moved to Grand Forks with her family where she earned a BA in Music Performance and a MS in Special Education. Currently, she directs a violin and viola studio at Arioso Music Academy and plays in the Great Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra.


Camp 3


"Paper Sculpture Extravaganza!"
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
July 12 - 16

Members $200
Non-members $250



Does paper fascinate you, would you love to be able to do more, how about making art with paper, with this camp you won't be able to get enough! We will be making sketchbooks, 3D paper reliefs, paper origami, large paper shapes, and finally paper quilling! You will have the opportunity to learn, and memorize an origami technique to continue folding long after camp!! If you love shapes, and a square is not enough, we will crank it up all the way to level 20 with the Icosahedron — a 20 sided shape building! We also make a Line Stitch Book, which is a process of ease and functionality. Create a book and cover that is good for any situation during camp and after it! Lastly, we will look no further than the wonderful art of paper quilling, where we will learn to use quilling tools to roll paper in a variety of shapes and forms to create eloquent works of art! This camp will be jam-packed paper art-making activities! Get ready for a face-pace camp to make a TON of PAPER ART!


Tait Simonson is from Faith, South Dakota, today he does most of his creative art work from Grand Forks, North Dakota. He attended undergraduate school at the University of South Dakota receiving his Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in Sculpture. He then went on to attend graduate school at the Pacific Northwest College of Fine Art to receive his Master's of Fine Arts degree. Since then he has been teaching Art at Central Valley Public School K-12, while receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Valley City State University. He specializes in sculpture and, focuses on light based architecturally responsive work, he also enjoys working with metal, clay, and wood.


Camp 4


"Weaving Wonders"
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
July 19 - 23

Members $200
Non-members $250


Create monsters, bookmarks, bowls, and more!  Explore different textures and materials by weaving with natural made materials as well as yarn and fabric.  The camp will focus on teaching students basic weaving techniques for the beginner as well as advanced techniques for those who have woven before, giving students the opportunity to design and construct their own creations. Weaving has been practiced in cultures around the world to make baskets, blankets, cloth, and a variety of other things. Your art creations will celebrate your unique style while creating fun art to be used every day. 

I grew up in Grand Forks and always loved art. In elementary school I would make my own paper dolls and had hundreds by the time I graduated. I also loved watching crafting shows and making flowers with polymer clay, eventually making clay frogs that looked like people in popular culture. In high school I discovered a passion for watercolor painting, particularly of flowers. I went to UND and received a degree in art with minors in art history and photography as well as a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. Now I teach art throughout Grand Forks and the region. I enjoy learning about and playing around with new styles of art and combining different media to create something unique. My favorite materials are watercolors, polymer clay, fiber art, and printmaking. My other hobbies are gardening and going on nature adventures with my family.


Camp 5


"Drawing Outside the Lines"
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
July 26 - 30

Members $200
Non-members $250



A day full of drawing! In this camp we will be learning about drawing with all kinds of mark making tools: pencils, pens, markers, charcoal, oil, and chalk pastels. Different techniques? Absolutely! Perspective drawing, doodling, figure drawing, portraits, landscapes, still life, gesture, and that's just to get started. We’ll be exploratory and creative  with our drawing process; doing things like making art inspired by music, with our eyes closed, outside in nature, with found materials like leaves and sticks, and so much more! Most of all, we're going to have fun drawing together!


Hello! My name is Emily Dencker, I just graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead MN with a degree in Art Education. I'm planning on teaching elementary art in St. Cloud this fall! I’ve had really amazing jobs, internships, and clinicals working with art students of all ages in schools and other related youth programming. I love to make art and even more I love to facilitate and teach creative students in their art exploration process. My favorite type of art to make is painting; I especially enjoy watercolor and gouache painting, but I really love making and creating anything and everything! I hope that in this class all of the students grow in their drawing abilities and in their creative thinking skills, and most importantly have a fun time creating with others!


Camp 6


9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
August 2 - 6

Members $200
Non-members $250



We will use a variety of methods to create repeatable printed art,  including nature prints, collagraphs (found textural items such as yarn, lace, buttons, paper clips, and more. . . ) relief prints made by carving image into Styrofoam, letter press (write, illustrate and print a short poem!) and stencil printing.


Jeanne O’Neil is an artist specializing in printmaking. She has also worked in fiber arts and has been a professional mural artist. Jeanne is a musician and dance caller, playing banjo and concertina, and is co-founder of the North Country Fiddle and Dance community organization.  She teaches art throughout the region to all ages. Jeanne has also been teaching printmaking at the University of North Dakota for the last two years.


Camp 7


"All Things Paint"
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 6 - 13
August 9 - 13

Members $200
Non-members $250



This painting camp will explore an introduction to color theory and painting methods and ideas such as impressionism, pointillism, watercolor techniques, abstract art, and paint pouring! Campers will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and expand their current painting skills along with a ton of fun!


Carrie Sapa is a fine artist and Art Educator that explores mediums in printmaking, ceramics, drawing and textile arts. She currently is teaching as the visual arts teacher at Sacred Heart High School in East Grand Forks, MN. She has received grants, such as McElroy-Edwards Jackie Art Distribution Fund Scholarship, and UND Native American Fund Scholarship. Along with the grants, her fine artwork pieces have been shown at two student shows, and one national juried show "When Things are Strange Exhibition" in 2017, and her BFA show “Land of Saints” in 2018 at Colonel Eugene Myers Gallery of Art, UND. While her art is in a wide variety of mediums, there is an over-stretching theme of her memories and interaction with people engulfed in her work. While creating her own body of art, Carrie Sapa enjoys teaching students how to create their own art with a wide diversity of mediums while incorporating history, science, and art fundamentals.