Puppies for Sale!
Support Children's
Art Education at the
North Dakota Museum of Art


The North Dakota Museum of Art is excited to announce the creation of ten limited edition clay dogs by artist Guillermo "Memo" Guardia. The dogs are named Tenshi, in honor and memory of his childhood family dog.

Family and community are at the heart of the Museum's Education Program. All proceeds from the sale will be used to support Art Education and keep registration fees low. This includes our art classes, Family Days, tours, and Summer Art Camps.

The clay dogs are available for purchase at the Museum Shop. To order, please call 701.777.4195. 


Medium: ceramics, cone 6, acrylic paint.
Approximate dimensions: 13 x 9 x 14 in.
Signed and Numbered by artist, Edition of 10
Price: $300 (+ tax) each























Tenshi 1




Tenshi 2 (SOLD)




Tenshi 3 (SOLD)




Tenshi 4 (SOLD)




Tenshi 5 (SOLD)



Tenshi 6 (SOLD)




Tenshi 7 (SOLD)




Tenshi 8 (SOLD)




Tenshi 9 (SOLD)




Tenshi 10 (SOLD)